Microfiber Fabric

Most of the time, color is added to the polymer threads before the weaving begins, although it is also possible to dye the finished product. Imitation suede that is designed to look natural is usually tan or light brown in color. It is not uncommon to find greThe fashion industry is one of the biggest consumers of suede, and many designers and top fashion lines sell jackets, skirts, and pants made with this fabric. These products are often too expensive to attract mid-range shoppers, but imitation leather provides a similar look at a fraction of the price. It also appeals to consumers who want to avoid products made from animals. Faux suede shoes, handbags, and accessories such as belts are only a few of the more widely sold products.en, blue, or even pink imitation products, however, particularly when it comes to fashion items. a coarse brush over the top of the fabric in order to create the matted, almost fuzzy texture.
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