A spring-embroidered fabric that exuberantly reflects vitality and shows a natural appearance. The most common varieties are spring-embroidered semi-embossed, full-spring Chun Yafang, and extinction Chun Yafang.
Chung-Spin fabric (PONGEE) is a kind of pongee-embroidered fabric that is full of vitality and shows a natural appearance. It is an old breed that has been around for a long time. The textile industry in Shengze District has revised its product, except that the extinction yarn is used. In addition to the raw material and weaving process innovations, the dyeing and finishing process is further extended. The density increases, the hand feels softer, and the functions are more extensive. The weaving styles of Chun Yafang listed on Wujiang Oriental Silk Market include plain weave, twill, firmness, five pieces, jacquard, etc., which form the annual marketable series of fabrics.
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