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Why Is Silk Whitish

Silk products are animal fibers, generally resistant to weak acid and alkali, and washing powder is mostly alkaline. If it is not handled well, it is easy to have various accidents. They will be combined with anionic surfactant in washing powder or soap, which is stained. Saponite stains that go up. The protein component of silk has an adsorptive property, and a white precipitate is formed to contaminate the clothes.

1. When cleaning silk clothing, you must turn the clothes over. The dark silk clothing should be washed separately from the light color;

2, sweaty silk clothing should be washed immediately or soaked in water, should not be washed with hot water of 30 degrees or more;

3. Please use special silk washing products for washing. Avoid using alkaline detergent, soap, washing powder or other detergent. Never use disinfectant, or put it into the washing product and soak it;

4, should be ironed when 80% dry, and should not spray directly, and you must iron the opposite side of the garment, the temperature is controlled between 100-180 degrees

5, after washing, flattened in a cool place to dry, not exposed to the sun;

6. When there are two colors on the clothes, it is best to do the color drop test. Because the color fastness of silk clothes is relatively low, the easiest way is to use a light towel to soak it and press it on the clothes for a few seconds and light. Wipe it lightly. If the towel is dyed, it cannot be washed and only dry cleaned.