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What Should I Do If My Suede Clothes Fade

In the cloth market, suede has become a common name for all kinds of faux leather. Including denim faux leather, warp-like suede (faux leather bottom), latitudinal faux leather (satin faux leather), warp-knitted leather, double-faced faux leather, stretch faux leather and so on. Suede fabric has many properties that are no less than natural suede. It has many properties and even better than natural suede. For example, the fabric is soft, sturdy, drapable and light. The product is suitable for luggage, shoe material (lining, fabrics are suitable), clothing, car interior, clean cloth (glass cloth), leather base fabric, high-grade packaging box, lighting materials, curtain fabrics, etc.

How to wash it without fading:

  1. You can use a bath towel to gently rub the suede to repair the short fluff.

2. Rub the affected area with a pencil to remove stains and spots. If it is a wet stain, put the paper towel on the spot to absorb most of the liquid. Be careful not to use any stain remover or other products.

3.you can use a suede brush.

4. Use a light-colored wet cloth and a small amount of white vinegar as the best cleaning method. Use a cotton cloth to gently rub the surface to let the clothes dry naturally.