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Napped Fabric

The uniformity of the napped hair is the main aspect of the quality of the napped product. Pulling marks, plush, and exposed bottom are common pella points. Maintain the sharpness of the felt cloth, the running speed of the brush cloth, the tension of the brush, the flatness of the fabric when running on the plucking machine, the flatness of the product joint, the speed between the main needle speed of the broaching machine and the speed of the fabric. Poor, etc., are the main factors affecting the quality of the hair-drawn products. Chemical fiber products are prone to static electricity during processing, so it is very important to turn on the static eliminator during processing. Some products require an auxiliary shearing process after pulling the hair to increase the uniformity of the surface length of the plush products. The number of shears and the distance between the shear roller and the fabric support roller during shearing determine the length of the plush on the surface of the fabric. Factors such as the smoothness of the surface of the fabric and the flatness of the joint and the smoothness of the equipment during operation will have a significant impact on the final quality of the drawn product.

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