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Korean Velvet

As the name implies, the flannel fabric imported from South Korea. Korean velvet is also called warp knitting and not velvet. It is much better than the kind of weft knitting. The bottom is smooth and the hand feels good. It is a good fabric for casual fashion. Because the cost of imports is relatively high, and the imported door width can only be 112CM, the loss is increased.

The domestically produced Korean velvet is comparable to the imported Korean velvet from the sense of velvet, feel and elasticity. Moreover, the finished door width can be 150CM, which greatly reduces the material consumption. Korean velvet is a weft-elastic chemical fiber fabric. The warp yarn is 150DTY, the weft yarn is coated with 200DDTY+40D spandex, and it is woven with five satin weaves. The fabric is smoothed, sanded, dyed and shaped. It feels soft and smooth, and the surface is short and delicate, and it does not have a ball or hair loss. Because of its good characteristics, it is widely used to make car pillows, cushions, and other automotive interior products and clothing, handicrafts, etc.

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