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Island Fiber Characteristics

The island fiber has excellent properties that ordinary fiber can't achieve. Its main characteristics are as follows:

The island fiber has a very small fineness, which makes the fabric soft and smooth, and has obvious advantages in comfort. It can obtain fabrics with high density, hygroscopicity, water repellency, unique aesthetics and fashion style. At the same time, a multi-layer structure can be formed on the surface of the fabric, so that the reflective point of the fabric is small, the gloss and the color are soft, and the appearance is full, fine and delicate.

The interfiber spaces are dense and dense, and the capillary action can be utilized to obtain better water absorption and oil absorption of the fabric. In addition, the inter-fiber voids can be appropriately changed to form a sea-island high-density fabric having a void of only 0.2 μm to 10 μm, and has excellent waterproof and vapor permeability properties. The microporous structure between the fabrics allows for more static air in the fabric, so that better insulation and warmth can be obtained.

The fiber has low bending rigidity and is easy to make the fabric have a smooth and chic effect; the core layer is a high shrinkage yarn, which gives the fabric excellent drape and visual comfort.

The fiber has a large specific surface area and a large number of voids, so that the fabric has extremely high dust absorption, decontamination and filtration; the fiber is soft and soft, and can protect the cleaned articles from being injured, and is a high-performance cleaning product.

In addition, the island fiber fabric not only has the characteristics of non-ironing of synthetic fiber, good dimensional stability and small shrinkage rate, but also has the advantages of good natural fiber drape, moisture absorption and moisture permeability.