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Island Fiber Application

1 fashion fabric

Since the number of filaments of the microfiber is larger than that of the ordinary filament, the surface area of the fiber is large, and the gas permeability of the fabric is increased. After passing through the nonwoven fabric, the nonwoven fabric is used as a base fabric, and after being polished and sanded, the system is prepared. As a super-natural fabric, because of its breathability and softness, it is superior to natural textiles, making chemical fiber fabrics into the high-end fashion field.

2 artificial leather

PU leather with fine fiber as base fabric not only has similar microstructure to natural leather, but also has good moisture permeability and dimensional stability. Its fastness is better than natural leather, and it avoids the natural products due to the type, size and location of animals. The difference caused by the difference is large, and the effective utilization rate is small. In addition, PU leather also overcomes the fact that natural leather is popular among consumers because of its proneness to moisture, mildew and odor.

3 high performance cloth

Due to its small fineness, large specific surface area, and good flexibility, the ultra-fine fiber has strong water absorption and suction resistance. After wiping the thin oil film, it will not damage the substrate, but also wipe clean and leave no residue. High-performance crepe, such as high-grade drapes.