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How To Use Quick-drying Clothes

1, the field wear method: quick-drying clothes in the wild should be worn close to the body. Some mountain friends like to add a T-shirt inside the quick-drying clothes. If it is a pure cotton T-shirt, then the sweat will be preserved by the pure cotton T-shirt, which will not spread quickly, and the outer quick-drying clothes will also be No effect.

2, wearing the city: quick-drying clothes to wear in the city. Some mountain friends also wear quick-drying clothes in the city. In fact, the main advantage of quick-drying clothes is that they sweat quickly. But its comfort is not like a cotton T-shirt (of course, wearing a quick-drying clothes with good sweat absorption, such as supple material, the body feels much better, or not as good as pure cotton or COOLMAX materials), even more than pure cotton clothing Feeling stuffy.

3, perspiration: quick-drying clothes are best not to wear close to wear, after all, quick-drying clothes are chemical fiber products, the feeling of wearing close is not very good. Secondly, from the effect of perspiration, many quick-drying clothes are coated with water-repellent coatings. The quick-drying clothes of these materials have poor ability to absorb sweat. The ability to dry quickly after all soaking is OK, but the sweat on the body cannot be Clothes are absorbed.

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