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How To Maintain Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo fiber is made from high-quality natural bamboo, processed by special high-tech process, extracted from cellulose in bamboo, and then made into regenerated cellulose fiber by processes such as making rubber and spinning. Bamboo fiber has antibacterial, antibacterial and anti-ultraviolet functions. Bamboo fiber has strong hygroscopicity and good air permeability, so it is in line with the characteristics of thermal comfort. Bamboo fiber products are excellent in skin-friendly, soft to the touch and comfortable to the skin. Bamboo fiber products are fluffy and light, lubricated and delicate, soft and light, with cotton-like softness, silky smoothness, soft and close-fitting, friendly skin, good drape, giving a zero-pressure comfort.

How to maintain bamboo fiber:

1. Bamboo fiber should be rinsed once before washing, which will make the fabric more smooth and will not fade easily in the future.

2, bamboo fiber fabric should be washed at room temperature, can not be soaked with high temperature, can not be dried when machine washing, after washing, put it in the air and ventilate to dry, can not be exposed to sunlight. If ironing, be sure to choose a low temperature.

3. According to the classification of bamboo fiber, the shrinkage rate of bamboo fiber bed products is less than 3%, and it can be machine washed at high temperature. The bamboo pulp fiber product belongs to recycled viscose fiber, and the shrinkage rate of the finished product is 8%. Therefore, it is not suitable for high temperature washing, and it is not suitable for machine washing. If using a dryer, the temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius to prevent excessive shrinkage.

4, with lace, pendants and other decorative items, must first take off and then wash. When the clothes are drying, they should be laid flat and aired. Do not stretch the clothes excessively to prevent the clothes from being deformed. It is neatly folded during storage and placed in a certain amount of mothballs, stored in a dark place, low humidity, and ventilated place.