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Gold Velvet Fabric

Golden velvet is a polyester knit fabric. After finishing the bronzing and velvet treatment, the velvet and luster effects are particularly good. The woven fabric is woven by the knitting machine. The product has body and strength, and the fabric feels soft and has a strong hair feel.

The golden velvet fabric is made of polyester FDY50D and DTY75D as the main raw materials; it is woven by warp knitting machine, the product has body and strength, the fabric feels soft and the hair feel is strong. After pre-treatment and heat-setting wet treatment before dyeing, the fabric shrinks and the density increases; the flame-retardant elements are added in the dyeing, and then the high-humidity fluffing of the ironing machine is used to obtain the gloss and the fiber straightening effect. The products are used in home curtain fabrics, car upholstery fabrics, sofa covers, trunk liners and cushions, especially after printing, which is more suitable for public places such as hotels, hostels, theaters and home decoration. The width of the fabric is 160-230 cm, and the weight per square meter is about 170 grams.

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