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Diamond Velvet

Diamond velvet is a knitted fabric. It is bright, diamond-like and has a good feel. It is called diamond velvet. The fabrics are exquisitely crafted, elegant in style, smooth in suede and attractive in appearance. The warmth slim pants made of diamond velvet fabric have the three advantages of warmth, excellent self-cultivation and smooth and comfortable wearing. It is the best partner for autumn and winter clothing.

Due to its exquisite craftsmanship and bright color, diamond velvet ranks first among similar products. In order to better serve the masses, it has become one of the most popular fabrics in 2012. The surface fluff can form an air layer, so the warmth is better. The manufacturer makes this fabric into ladies leggings and tights for warmth. Slim. Because the fabric is very soft, the inside is thick and thick, and seamlessly integrated, achieving the effect of keeping warm, beautiful legs, not bloated, and slim.

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