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Acetate Satin Fabric

The dyeing performance of acetate fiber is bright, the appearance is bright, the property is smooth and comfortable, the strength is lower, the acetate fabric needs to be avoided, the acetate fabric is widely used for clothing furnishings and decorative fabrics, and the acetate yarn is used for clothing materials and shirts. Skirts, clothes, bridal gowns and children's clothing, T-shirts, dresses, dresses, bridal gowns and children's clothing, T-shirts, woven or knitted fabrics made of 100% acetate or blended with acetate Silk, elastic fiber, nylon, cotton, or hemp, wool, silk, polyester, etc., velvet fabric, decorative silk, high-grade silk embossed fabric, high-grade knitted T-shirt fabric, woven fabric, fabric, fabric, cotton yarn or silk Weft fabrics, decorative fabric satin, satin silk for ribbons and ties.