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What kind of fabric is good for summer casual fashion

The raw material composition of Tencel cotton fabric is very characteristic and advanced. Tencel is an ecological fiber, which is recognized by the modern fashion industry. Raw cotton is also recognized as a high-quality natural textile material. Therefore, the combination of the two is far more advanced than those of traditional textile fabrics. It can meet the needs of modern fashion and will not double. Affected by the homogenization problem, it can highlight the highlights and selling points of fashion brands and create new value space.

Tencel cotton fabrics are also superior to many traditional textile fabrics. Compared with pure cotton fabrics, Tencel cotton fabrics are more supple and comfortable, even more skin-friendly than cotton fabrics that have always been considered high quality. Of course, they are far more breathable and comfortable than chemical fiber fabrics, and they are cheaper and more practical than real silk. There is no harm without comparison, and the advantages of Tiansi cotton fabrics for summer casual fashion fabrics are revealed. Therefore, casual fashion brands should make good use of these advantages of Tencel cotton fabrics.