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What are the shirt fabrics

1. Cotton shirt fabric. It belongs to the ancient natural shirt fabric, which can be said to be a loyal companion worn by human beings. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, pure natural ecological products, comfortable and safe. Cotton is grown all over the world. The quality of long-staple cotton is high, and it is used to make high-end high-density and high-density shirt fabrics. Xinjiang cotton in China is very popular. However, the biggest shortcomings of cotton shirt fabrics are too traditional and not wrinkle-resistant. Many shirt brands are plagued by lack of creativity. Therefore, Tiansi Ma and Tiansi cotton are increasingly moving towards the modern fashion stage.

2. Polyester cotton, CVC, cotton brocade and other shirt fabrics are cotton blended or woven fabrics. These shirt fabrics want to take advantage of cotton, but also want to make up for the shortage of cotton shirt fabrics with polyester or nylon, but after all, chemistry Fibers affect comfort, grades are not high, and these shirt fabrics are also very traditional, so these years of growth has gradually slowed down.

3.T/R shirt fabric and T/C one reason, the human cotton is soft and comfortable to wear, but lacks the backbone, the strength is not high, and the blended with polyester staple fiber greatly enhances the practicality, soft and drooping, so it is also very popular. However, in any case, due to the high polyester content of the T/R shirt fabric, the quality is not good, and it can only be used as a general shirt fabric.

4. Hemp cotton and sticky linen shirt fabrics have always been considered as high-quality shirt fabrics, combining two kinds of natural materials, and regardless of linen or ramie, they are all grades, showing low-key luxury temperament, breathable perspiration, cool and comfortable. So it is a good shirt fabric. However, the cotton wrinkle and sticky linen shirt fabrics have poor anti-wrinkle properties, and are not suitable for high-density and high-density shirt fabrics. The style is still somewhat limited.

5. Tiansi cotton, Tiansi Ma, Tiansijin, Tensi sticky and other shirt fabrics are all interwoven or blended fabrics of Tencel. With the excellent ecological function, super good comfort and new concept of Tencel, in recent years The development speed is very fast, and the future growth is also very good. We also develop and supply the Zhongyi Textile all the year round. It is recommended that the shirt brand pay more attention.