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What are the characteristics of Tencel fabric

For 100% Tencel fabrics, it is already possible to detect the difference from the appearance. Because of its very good gloss, clothing using this type of material looks more like a work of art. If you touch it with your hand, you will feel unusual comfort. You can hardly feel any weight-bearing feeling when wearing it. The texture is unique. These are the characteristics that consumers can feel from wearing. It is because of this wearing experience that they will choose to buy such materials.

In fact, if you wear 100% Tencel fabric regularly, you can discover its features in a deeper level. It has very good breathability, soft and comfortable, durable and durable, and the most important is environmental protection. The skin is dry in autumn and winter, and the clothes that are worn should try to choose pure natural and environmentally friendly fabrics, which have better skin-friendly properties.