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Velvet bedding pros and cons

The raw materials used in general velvet bedding are silk as the raw silk, silk is used as the warp, and the cotton yarn is weft-woven. There are also many velvet beddings that are woven from high-quality cotton yarn with a high blend. As people's requirements become more diverse, velvet bedding also has different colors and styles, such as plain color, printing, yarn-dyed, etc. can be seen in velvet bedding, velvet bedding is a blend Fabrics, so when you choose velvet bedding, you must see the proportion of silk and cotton yarn, because it affects the touch and price of the product to a large extent.

Is velvet bedding breathable?

Velvet bedding advantages

1. The velvet fluff is full, the texture is delicate, the hand feels soft, the dress is comfortable, and the appearance is elegant. It has elasticity, no lint, no ball, good water absorption, three times that of cotton products, and no irritation to the skin.

2, the velvet fluff or loops stand tightly, the color is elegant, the fabric is firm and wearable, not easy to fade, and the rebound strength is good.

3. Velvet products require high-quality cotton with high grade, low linear density, long length and good maturity.

4, velvet delicate touch, circulation of drape and elegant luster is still unmatched by other fabrics.

Velvet bedding defects

1. Inadvertently stacking velvet bedding is very easy to damage the natural tendency of the fluff, it is difficult to recover, and it is easy to have static electricity.

2, because of the characteristics of the velvet itself, the surface is composed of dense small fluff, in the production and processing of the fabric, some small fluff particles will remain on the fabric, which is inevitable. Generally, it will be washed out in the first few washings, especially the dark-colored bedding products such as black, sapphire, and carbon ash.