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Tencel cotton fabric

Tiansijin fabric is an interwoven product of nylon silk and Tencel. At present, there are two main ways of interweaving Tiansijin fabric: one is Tencel as warp yarn, the latitudinal is made of nylon yarn, including nylon stretch yarn, and weaving Tiansijin fabric The biggest advantage of this design idea is that Tencel can still maintain a high content, and the wearing comfort is guaranteed. Whether it is the appearance or the intrinsic function, it is still dominated by Tencel, and the Tiansijin fabric maintains high quality attributes. The reason why Tencel is very popular among the fashion industry is because Tencel can maintain excellent comfort and eco-friendly. Compared with traditional textile raw materials, it has strong innovative features, which are the elements that fashion fashion loves very much. Therefore, the use of Tencel as a warp and nylon yarn interweave, this kind of interwoven Tiansijin fabric has excellent comfort and ecological functions. Compared with traditional interwoven fabrics, it has outstanding characteristics, and it has a large space for innovation and wide application. And it is not easy to homogenize, this is the advantage of Tensijin fabric. The second is the use of nylon yarn in the warp direction and the Tencel in the weft direction. This kind of interwoven Tiansijin fabric is also called Jintian silk fabric. In order to reduce the influence of nylon yarn on wearing comfort, the current nylon yarn is mainly made of 20D monofilament, which we call monofilament silk fabric. 20D nylon monofilament is very fine. Although it is used as warp yarn, the nylon content is still very low, generally below 20%, and the tencel content is over 80%. It can also highlight the comfort, feminine and ecological functions of Tencel. High quality. What role does nylon monofilament play in monofilament silk fabrics? Mainly to maintain the silk texture, also has certain bones, to ensure the stiffness, and will not let the chemical fiber components affect the skin-friendly and breathable moisture permeability. This interwoven silk fabric is generally designed as a thin fabric, very suitable for summer wear. At present, there are already very rich categories available. However, it is undeniable that no matter how the interwoven Tiansijin fabric improves the innovative ideas, as long as the nylon yarn exists, its chemical fiber properties will affect the wearing comfort and ecological properties, which is also a shortcoming that can not be overcome by the interwoven Tiansijin fabric. What we have to do is to minimize the negative impact of nylon yarn, highlight the selling points from Tencel and create new value.