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Sun protection index for sun protection clothing

Sun protection index of sun protection clothing, sun protection clothing has a sun protection index. Regular sun protection clothing is marked with a clear material, UPF index and other sun protection clothing sunscreen index on the clothing label, which allows everyone to really understand whether the sun protection clothing they purchased is really sunscreen. The standard for sun protection clothing should be GB/T18830; UPF value: 30+ or 50+; these will be explained in the label of the sun protection clothing. But if the sun protection clothing you buy is not genuine, then these indexes may not be like this or will not be marked at all. In addition, long-term washing or stretching may cause the sun protection performance of the clothes to be reduced. At this time, it is necessary to replace or re-add the auxiliary agent to the clothes. If it is a regular manufacturer, the standard of the sun protection clothing will be described.

Sun protection index for sun protection clothing

China's "Assessment of UV Protection Performance of Textiles" stipulates that only when the product's upf is greater than 40 and the uva transmission rate is less than 5%, it can be called "UV protection products".

Sunscreen clothing is generally three types:

One is colored cotton fabric clothes, and the bright colors such as cyan, red, blue, and green have the highest isolation rate of ultraviolet rays.

The second type is sunscreen fabric. The production principle is very simple. In fact, the sunscreen auxiliaries are added to the fabric. If there is special need to finish the fabric, the so-called thick finishing is to make the fabric more dense. some.

The third type is special fabrics, such as silver reflective materials. The main function of the sun protection clothing is to prevent the direct irradiation of the sun's ultraviolet rays. The sun protection clothing is the same as the sun umbrella, and the skin is protected from the sun and blackening. This is a compulsory course for many Amy ladies. The biggest feature of sun protection clothing is translucent, which is cool and sunscreen.