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How much color fastness affects printed fabrics

It is well known that dyes of various colors are the main elements of printed fabrics. Because dyes have a characteristic, it will fade slowly after a long time, so the color fastness of printed fabrics is a key concern of customers, which is also an important criterion for testing their quality.

Products with poor color fastness are easily faded, and other clothes are easily contaminated during the washing process, which affects the appearance. In addition, the color fastness also directly affects people's health. Products with poor color fastness are toxic substances in the dye that are easily absorbed by the skin, causing skin problems such as skin allergies.

Factors affecting color fastness can be divided into external factors and internal factors. External factors refer to the external forces and environmental influences applied during use. The internal factors are mainly the quality of the dye and the quality of the dyeing process. Internal factors must be controlled.