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Alpaca fabric

The reason why alpaca fluff is used as a raw material is that the hair is a kind of fiber with very fine and almost no needle hair. It is not as tingling as other animal hair, and can be blended with other wool or worsted yarn. , has a good insulation and warmth. Moreover, alpaca has a silky luster that is favored by people. Its warmth performance is better than most other wools, and its strength is higher. Not only that, because there is no oil in the alpaca hair, the wool has no odor, and the hollow fiber characteristics bring about the benefits of good elasticity, not easy to deform, no ball, no water retention and resistance to solar radiation. In addition, the clothes do not shrink after washing, and there are 22 kinds of natural colors. The clothing made of alpaca is light, soft and comfortable to wear, without tingling. Rare raw materials, high quality alpaca fluff is in short supply. It can also be combed and blended with other natural fibers, and the gloss is consistent after dyeing.

Alpaca coats are generally wearable at 4, 5° - 15°, and alpaca coats are very warm, especially indoors or where there is no wind. Wearing alpaca coats is not only more comfortable but also thicker down jackets. fashionable.

There are big differences in temperature between different cities in the north and south. Generally, the northern region began to wear alpaca coats around October, while the southern cities may start around November. The specific temperature can be determined according to the local temperature. At the same time, with the different internals, the overall warmth will be different. Low temperature can be used in alpaca coats with warm clothing and sweaters, which can also increase cold resistance. In areas with high temperatures, you can wear a long-sleeved dress that can be worn inside. It is hot when you take off your coat.