Coated Fabric

Coated Fabric
Composite fabric is a new type of material made up of one or more textile materials, nonwoven materials and other functional materials. Suitable for making sofa, clothing and other textiles, is one of the indispensable fabrics for people's home life.
The ordinary composite fabric can make the fabric and the inner material adhere to the adhesive, thereby improving the fabric texture, and is suitable for the simplification and scale production of the garment processing.
The function of composite fabric after the composite fabric is waterproof and breathable, anti radiation, wash resistance, abrasion resistance and other special functions.
Woven fabric and knitted fabric compound; knitted fabric and knitted fabric composite; shuttle weaving and shuttle weaving compound. Sports and leisure clothing use knitted fabric knitted fabric, and the effect of shuttle loom, the elasticity is good, so in the eyes of such clothing, it is still popular by the public.
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